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Early Warning Device

Early Warning Device
Brand: SOS-Life
Product Code: SOS
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Main Characteristics

- Digital equipment, independent from any other source, equipped with an alarm, in case a major earthquake occurs.
- Has the possibility to manually activate a switch for sending of International SOS distress signals (an acoustic SOS signal), if the user is under ruins of a crashed building due to a major earthquake.
- For extreme situations, the earthquake early warning device is equipped with rechargeable batteries.
- Testing function.
- Different colored lights, indicating the following statuses: "Earthquake Alarm" , "OK Status" and "Low Battery " .
- Very powerful (Loud) imminent earthquake warning alarm (85 dB).
- The SOS-LIFE earth quake early warning system is equipped with a string, making the device's transportation accessible upon a person, in case of a major earth quake.


- Display: angle of view : 60° ; intensity : 2500 mcd
- Alarm : 85 dB at a distance of 1 m.
- Dimensions: width: 8,5 cm. ; length: 4 cm. ; depth: 14,5 cm.
- Weight: 220 gr.
- Material: ABS (plastic material, with high durability and prolonged resistance)
- Power usage: 120 mA max.
- Battery Life : in case of emergencies, the batteries last 7 days, since the quake has occured.
- Battery type: NiMH ; 4,8V DC ; 950 mAh

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